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Wireless Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset with Hands-Free MP3 Player

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Discover the seamless blend of functionality and style with our cutting-edge Wireless Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset. Perfectly designed for avid riders, this device transforms your ride into an immersive experience. With the liberty to enjoy hands-free calls and thrilling music on the go, you’ll never want your ride to end!

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art Wireless Bluetooth-Compatible Integration Technology for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Hands-Free Functionality ensures safety and convenience during rides.
  • Equipped with a Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery guaranteeing long-lasting performance.
  • Moore-Style CSR Bluetooth-Compatible Chip for crystal clear audio quality.
  • Power Display and Sound Reminder Functions for effortless operation.


Our state-of-the-art motorcycle headset is not just another accessory but a game-changer for your riding adventures:

  • Experience superior audio quality during calls and music playback, bridging the gap between you and your companions.
  • Stay hands-free and safe, ensuring an uninterrupted riding experience.
  • Monitor power status conveniently, never get caught off-guard with a drained battery.
  • Enjoy compatibility with a variety of helmet types including MOTOCROSS, Half Helmet, and MODULAR.
  • Benefit from a compact and lightweight design, making it effortless to install and use.

When is it best used?

This wireless motorcycle headset is an ideal companion for all your journeys, be it a daily commute, long rides on highways, or adrenaline-fueled motocross adventures. Its versatile features cater to both casual riders and motorbike enthusiasts, promising unparalleled audio experience and safety.

What sets it apart?

What makes our product stand out is its commitment to ensuring safety without compromising on entertainment. Every feature, from the hands-free operation to the advanced Moore-style Bluetooth-compatible chip, has been meticulously crafted keeping the modern-day rider in mind.

Ready to Elevate Your Riding Experience?

Why wait? Dive into a world where music and communication go hand-in-hand with safety. Order your Wireless Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset today and redefine the way you ride!

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Item Weight


Item Height

37 mm

Item Width

62 mm

Item Length

210 mm

Model Name

Bluetooth-Compatible Helmet Headset

Applicable Helmet Type


Power Supply Mode

Built-in Battery

Connection Mode


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Maximum Intercom Distance





Mainland China

Item Type

Helmet Headset

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