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Universal LED Car Gesture Light with Remote

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Product Overview

Explore the edge of creativity with our Universal LED Car Gesture Light, designed to add a touch of humor and personality to your vehicle. Whether you want to express gratitude, send love, or display that iconic middle finger, this gadget has got you covered. Perfect for every driver who wants to make a statement on the road!

Key Features:

  • High-Quality LED: Featuring advanced LED technology, ensuring optimal visibility day and night with over 158% luminous efficiency.
  • Three Gesture Modes: Communicate your feelings with three distinct modes, from sending love to a cheeky bird flip.
  • Extended Battery Life: Powered by AA batteries, it offers long usage periods, with up to 6-7 months of active use and up to 17 months on standby.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with adhesive 3M Velcro tape, ensuring hassle-free placement in your desired location.
  • Compliant with Traffic Laws: The amber-colored non-flashing light ensures legal use in most American states.


  • Enhance your vehicle’s personality and stand out on the road.
  • Establish clearer communication with fellow drivers in a fun way.
  • Durable plastic construction ensures longevity.
  • Gift-worthy: An ideal surprise for both men and women on various occasions.


Special Features: Lamp Signal Material Type: Plastic Voltage: 5V Item Weight: 0.2kg Item Type: Atmosphere Lamp, Rear warning light Design: Hand shape Feature: Remote control Quantity: 1 Set Contents: Light and Remote control unit Power supply mode: Battery

When is this product best used?

This unique LED Car Gesture Light is best used during any time of the day to communicate effectively with other drivers. Whether it’s to show appreciation, send a funny message, or alert someone, this gadget is perfect for every driving situation.

Why is this product special?

Not only does this gadget allow you to communicate in a fun and unique way, but it also provides safety through its bright LEDs, ensuring you’re visible to others. Plus, its extended battery life and easy installation make it user-friendly for all drivers.

Ready to make a statement?

Don’t wait! Amplify your road personality and grab your Universal LED Car Gesture Light now. Remember, the road is your canvas – paint it with humor and style!

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Special Features

Lamp Signal

Material Type




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Item Type

Rear warning light


Hand shape


Remote control


1 Set


Light and Remote control unit

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