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Remote-Controlled Car Thumbs Up Thank You Light for Rear Window


Express Gratitude on the Go

Driving on the roads has its fair share of challenges, but courteous gestures can make the journey a lot more enjoyable. Introducing the Car Thumbs Up Light – an innovative accessory designed to help you share a token of appreciation with fellow drivers. This isn’t just a sign; it’s a statement of politeness.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Secure the light effortlessly on the rear windshield with two reliable suction cups.
  • Convenient Control: Operate the light using a wireless remote, which seamlessly clips to car air vents, dashboards, or your fingers.
  • Expressive Design: With a simple press, the thumbs-up symbol illuminates, letting you convey your thanks without distractions.
  • Universal Application: Fits a range of vehicle types from SUVs to trucks.
  • High-Quality Material: Made with durable ABS material in a vibrant green hue.

When to Use:

Whether someone lets you merge into their lane, yields the right of way, or shows any other kind gesture, this light is perfect for those moments when a simple hand gesture isn’t enough. Use it day or night to brighten someone’s drive and reinforce courteous driving.

What Sets It Apart:

More than just an accessory, this light serves as a stylish car interior decoration, adding a touch of flair to your vehicle. It’s also an excellent gift choice for friends, family, and anyone you know who spends considerable time behind the wheel. Let’s make our roads friendlier, one thumbs-up at a time!


  • Enhances road positivity and courtesy.
  • Doubles as a chic car interior adornment.
  • Promotes safe driving by eliminating the need to take hands off the wheel.
  • Universal fit ensures compatibility with various vehicle types.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Thumbs Up Thank You Light
  • 1 x Remote Control (AAA batteries not included)
  • 2 x Sturdy Suction Cups

Take the Step to Safer and Politer Roads

With the Remote-Controlled Car Thumbs Up Thank You Light, expressing gratitude on the roads has never been easier or more stylish. It’s time to elevate your driving experience. Get yours now and spread positivity on the road!

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Car Thumbs Up Light

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Additional Brake Lights


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