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Portable Tire Inflator with Emergency Car Jump Starter & Multifunctional Air Pump

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Unveiling the Ultimate Roadside Savior

When adventure beckons or daily commutes demand perfection, you shouldn’t be left stranded due to a flat tire or a drained battery. Presenting a multifaceted tool designed not just to inflate your tires, but to jump-start your car, and light up the darkness during emergencies. Whether you’re venturing on a cross-country road trip or a short drive across town, ensure you’re equipped with this essential travel companion.

Top-notch Features:

  • Two distinct models: TS01 offers reliable air-pumping, while TS03 combines an air pump with a jump starter.
  • Effortless tire inflation with automatic detection and preset pressure modes, halting once the desired pressure is achieved.
  • Acts as an emergency power supply, ready to jump-start your car or charge your devices.
  • Boasts five versatile lighting modes from high beam to distress signals, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.
  • Flawless inflation capabilities reaching up to 150PSI, combined with high-precision tire pressure monitoring.
  • Operational in a wide temperature range: from a chilling -20℃ to a blazing +60℃.

Why It’s A Must-Have:

  • Eight-in-one functionality, perfect for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, ball games, and even kayaks.
  • Compact design with a hand strap and EVA bag storage, making portability a breeze.
  • Equipped with eight layers of security protection, ensuring safe use every time.
  • Endorsed by multiple certifications like UL, RoHS, MSDS, FCC, and CE, ensuring its premium quality and safety.

Specifications At A Glance:

Peak Current: 1000 A | Fast Charge: One Way | Special Features: USB, Lighting, Warning light, SOS Lighting | Item Weight: 1.3kg | Voltage: 12V | Conversion Rate: >90% | Battery Capacity: 8000-10000 mAh | Built-in Batteries: 4

Make The Road Safe Again!

Why risk your journey with unforeseen circumstances when you can stay one step ahead? Equip yourself with this dynamic tool that’s more than just a tire inflator. Whether it’s inflating a football, lighting up a campsite, or jump-starting a car, it’s got you covered. Don’t let the unexpected interrupt your journey.

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Additional information
Peak Current

1000 A



Fast Charge

One Way Fast Charge

Special Features

USB,Lighting,warning light,SOS Lighting

Item Weight




Conversion Rate


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External Testing Certification


Number Of Built-in Batteries


Brand Name



Mainland China



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