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Hydraulic Dirt Bike Lift Stand

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Unparalleled Stability & Functionality

Every motorcycle enthusiast understands the significance of a trusty lift stand when it comes to maintaining their beloved bike. With the Hydraulic Dirt Bike Lift Stand, you get an amalgamation of strength, design, and functionality, ensuring your bike remains in the best possible shape.

Key Features

  • Impressive loading capacity of 440 lbs/0.2 tons, accommodating most dirt bikes from leading brands.
  • High-strength seamless steel center screw combined with heavy steel bottom ensures durability and resilience.
  • Anti-skid rubber platform designed to shield your bike from potential damages.
  • Adjustable height range of 10-18 inches, with a platform that can be rotated to align closely to the engine’s center.
  • Hydraulic lift operation for smooth, effortless lifting and lowering of your motorcycle.

When is This Lift Stand a Game-Changer?

This lift stand proves indispensable when you’re diving deep into maintenance tasks, whether it’s an oil change, detailed cleaning, or simply safeguarding your bike during the off-season. Thanks to its design, long-term storage won’t lead to flat tires or air leaks, making it a must-have for home garages and professional repair shops alike.

Why Choose This Lift Stand?

What sets this product apart is its attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. The anti-slip design ensures your bike stays in place, while the hydraulic operation guarantees a smooth lift every time. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional mechanic, this lift stand is designed to make your life easier.

Benefits At A Glance:

  • Reliability: Built with top-notch materials ensuring long-term use without deformation.
  • Safety First: Features like the anti-skid platform and H-shaped base with rubber pads keep the bike stable and secure during operations.
  • Convenience: Adjustable height and easy-to-use hydraulic operation simplify maintenance tasks.
  • Storage Solution: Perfect for prolonged storage without the risk of tire deflation or air leakage.

Ready to Upgrade Your Maintenance Game?

Equip your garage with the Hydraulic Dirt Bike Lift Stand and experience a seamless, safe, and efficient motorcycle maintenance routine. Order yours today and elevate your bike care to the next level!

Additional information

Mainland China

motorcycle jack


Max. Capacity

440 lbs/0.2 tons

Height Range

10 inch-18 inch

Adjustable Height of Deck

0-4.7 inch/0-120 mm

Product Size

12.4×11.8×12.4 inch

Net Weight

14.3 lbs/6.5 kg

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