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Crystal Plating Car Wax

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Experience Next-Level Shine & Durability

Discover a revolutionary car wax that’s more than just a polish. Our Crystal Plating Car Wax doesn’t just enhance; it protects. From car paint to wheels, glass, headlights, and even metal car signs – achieve a high-gloss, black solid ceramic finish that not only beautifies but also shields against external elements.

Key Features

  • Wide Application: Versatile formula perfect for car paint, wheels, glass, headlights, and metal car signs.
  • Easy Cleaning: Effortless to apply and remove, ensuring quick stain wipe-offs and boosting your car’s mirror paint gloss.
  • High-Gloss Finish: Contains cutting-edge high-gloss polymers, delivering a shine that’s 30% brighter than typical car waxes.
  • Professional and Safe: Crafted with premium carnauba wax paste, it’s specially designed for car paints of different colors without harming them.
  • Durable: A single 200g bottle provides 5-10 applications, with each application lasting 2-3 months, thereby reducing frequent reapplications and potential paint damage.

Why Choose Our Crystal Plating Car Wax?

When is the product best used? Whenever your car needs a fresh layer of protection and an unmatched shine. Beyond the aesthetics, this product has been meticulously crafted to provide a host of benefits, ensuring both the health and beauty of your vehicle. Here are some reasons why our car wax stands out:

  • Advanced Graphene Formula ensures maximum durability and resistance against wear.
  • Provides essential protection against sun, water, static, and acid.
  • Ensures a more professional finish, tailored for different car paint colors.
  • Stored conveniently in a shady and cool place, guaranteeing longer shelf life.

Specifications & Details

Material Type: Solid
Item Weight: 220g
Dimensions: Height: 5cm, Width: 12cm, Length: 12cm
External Testing: Certified by CE
Model: Hard Wax Series

Order Today!

Isn’t it time your car reflected your standards? Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and protection with our Crystal Plating Car Wax. Experience a difference that doesn’t just show, but also lasts. Order today and give your car the care it deserves!

Note: Product color may vary slightly due to lighting and screen settings. Kindly allow minor size variations due to manual measurements.

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Car Wax

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Hard Wax

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