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Car Oil, Tar, & Grease Remover Spray – 100ml Solvent-Based Formula

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Unparalleled Cleaning for Your Car’s Exterior

Introducing the ultimate solution to stubborn contaminants on your car’s surface. Our Car Oil, Tar, & Grease Remover Spray is a game-changer in the world of automotive cleaning. Designed specifically for the passionate car owner who seeks a flawless exterior, this product promises to give your vehicle the pristine finish it deserves.

Key Features

  • Solvent-Based Formula: Ensures quick dissolution of organic and oil-based contaminants.
  • Fast-Acting: Not only cleans quickly but also leaves no residue behind, ensuring your car’s exterior looks spotless in no time.
  • Versatile Application: Safe and effective for clear coats on most plastics, wheels, and chrome surfaces.
  • Compact & Easy to Use: With a size of 17.1*3.8cm and a volume of 100ml, it’s handy and ready to tackle the toughest stains on-the-go.

When to Use?

Whether it’s tar from the road, stubborn grease from machinery, or the pesky sap from trees, this degreaser is your go-to product. Best used after long drives, visits to construction or industrial sites, or when your car has been parked under trees. It’s the ultimate maintenance tool to ensure your vehicle is always looking its best.

What Sets Our Product Apart?

What makes this product truly special is its powerful mixed solvent. Unlike many other cleaning products that might spread dirt and grease around, our formula ensures they are completely lifted from the surface. Coupled with the strength of Alkaline protease, it’s the professional resistance you’ve been looking for in a cleaner.


  • Efficiently removes tough stains like tar, grease, asphalt, and sap.
  • Safe for most of your car’s exterior surfaces.
  • Leaves a clean, residue-free finish.
  • Compact design ensures it can be stored in your car for quick spot cleaning.

Get Yours Today!

Don’t let stubborn stains and grime compromise your car’s beauty. Equip yourself with our Car Oil, Tar, & Grease Remover Spray and ensure a gleaming, flawless vehicle exterior. Order now and experience the difference!

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Alkaline protease

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Spot Rust & Tar Spot Remover

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