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Car Mirror Anti-Fog Waterproof Films

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Revolutionize Your Drive with Crystal Clear Vision

Experience enhanced driving safety and clarity, especially during unpredictable weather conditions. Our Car Mirror Anti-Fog Waterproof Films offer an optimal solution for all drivers looking to ensure maximum visibility during rain or fog. Forget about constantly wiping away the fog from your mirrors; these films are here to transform your drives into safer journeys.

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted from PET with a cutting-edge micro-nano coating.
  • Size Variations: Available in various sizes to perfectly fit your car’s mirrors or side windows.
  • Color: Subtle light blue, designed to seamlessly blend with any vehicle.
  • Compatibility: Designed for most vehicle models.
  • Easy Installation: Comprehensive steps provided for hassle-free application.

When to Use This Product

These films are a must-have for every season, ensuring that you maintain an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Best used during:

  • Heavy rain or drizzle
  • Foggy mornings or evenings
  • Chilly days when dew forms on your mirrors

What Sets Our Product Apart?

Our Car Mirror Anti-Fog Waterproof Films are more than just a safety feature. Here’s what makes them unique:

  • Superior Clarity: No more distorted views. The light blue hue enhances clarity without being distracting.
  • Durability: Made with robust PET material and coated with advanced micro-nano technology for longer-lasting performance.
  • Universal Fit: Suitable for most vehicle models, ensuring everyone can enjoy safer drives.
  • Easy Maintenance: Dirt and smudges can be easily wiped away, ensuring long-lasting transparency.

Benefits of Our Anti-Fog Waterproof Films

  • Enhances driving safety by reducing blurred vision.
  • Increases lifespan of your mirrors and windows with protective film.
  • Convenient and quick installation with step-by-step guidance.
  • Maintains the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.
  • Cost-effective solution compared to frequent mirror replacements.

Take the Next Step

Don’t compromise your safety on the road. Enhance your driving experience by ensuring clear visibility at all times. Equip your car with our Car Mirror Anti-Fog Waterproof Films and drive with confidence, no matter the weather. Order yours now and experience the difference!

Additional information
Special Features

Car Mirror Window Clear Film

Material Type

PET+ micro-nano coating

Item Diameter


Item Weight


Item Height


Item Width


Item Length


External Testing Certification


Model Name

Mirror Waterproof Anti-Fog Film

Model Year



Mainland China

Item Type

Mirror & Covers

Model number



2 X Waterproof Films

side rearview mirror or side window

side rearview mirror or side window

Applicable models

most vehicle models

Features 1

Clean your rearview mirror

Features 2

Film the screen

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