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Bluetooth 5.0 Car FM Transmitter with Dual USB PD Charging & LED Backlit MP3 Player

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Drive & Groove: Modern Tech Meets Classic Convenience

Introducing the ultimate driving companion for music lovers and multitaskers! Transform your car into a smart space with an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitter. Whether you’re cruising through city lanes or on an interstate journey, stay entertained, connected, and always charged up!

Features at a Glance:

  • Dual USB PD Fast Charging: Fuel up two devices simultaneously without compromising on speed.
  • High-Fidelity Music Playback: Supports a range of formats from MP3 to FLAC. Dive into pure and clear audio experiences, thanks to the advanced noise reduction technology.
  • Effortless Hands-Free Calling: A built-in microphone with noise suppression ensures that your calls are as clear as your music. Switch seamlessly between tunes and talks.
  • RGB LED Backlight: Set the mood right with a 7-color ambient light display that complements your car’s interiors.
  • Wide Compatibility: Whether it’s your iPad, Android device, or any wireless-pairing gadget, get it connected without a hitch.
  • Auto-Off & Memory Playback: No more finding that favorite track every time. Your device remembers and revives your song right where you left off.

Why is this the Ultimate Car Accessory?

Modern day driving is more than just getting from point A to B. It’s about enjoying the journey, staying connected with loved ones, and ensuring that your devices are always charged for the adventures ahead. Our Bluetooth 5.0 Car FM Transmitter is not just another gadget, it’s an essential car companion that:

  • Enhances Driving Experience: Immerse in your favorite tunes or podcasts with crystal-clear sound.
  • Ensures Safety: Answer calls without fumbling for your phone, keeping your eyes on the road.
  • Provides Convenience: Multiple features wrapped into one sleek device means less clutter and more functionality.

Ready to Upgrade Your Drive?

Get ahead of the curve and redefine your driving experience. With this Bluetooth 5.0 Car FM Transmitter, enjoy the perfect balance of entertainment, connectivity, and safety. Elevate every journey and make it memorable. Order yours today!

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Mainland China



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FM Transmitters


Bluetooth Hand Free Car Kit Car ChargerBluetooth Transmitter


For 12 X XS MAX XR S9 S8

Special Features

FM Transmitter Bluetooth Car KitFM Modulator Item

bluetooth car phone

Bluetooth fm transmitter

car cigarette lighter 12v

Cigarette lighter adapter FM Modulator



Feature 1

Car Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitter

Feature 2

PD 18W Type-C Dual USB 4.2A Fast Charger

Feature 3

Dual USB Colorful Ambient Light Cigarette lighter

Feature 4

MP3 Music Player

Feature 5

LED Backlit Atmosphere Light MP3 Player Lossless Music

Feature 2 1

Lossless Music

Feature 2 2

Pd 18w Type-c

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